Relax - Something I need at the Moment lol

This was originally what I was working on for the contest but between my computer randomly crashing programs on me and acting like am long pressing keys it takes a lot longer to get anything done, and getting a new computer right now I don’t think is really in the budget. But here it is anyway. I do need to relax lol. Here what I used:

  • Character is Khoshekh’s Stan
  • CC Shave This - Torso and Anatomical Elements Hair
  • LHS Low Anatomical Elemental Hair
  • Classic Side Part
  • Wet and Tanned Skins for Genesis 8 Males (just for the wet body)
  • Real Drops Male Edition
  • Dreamlight Take a Swim Island Background

For the post work in Affinity Photo I made 2 renders of this wallpaper. One with all the wet drops and one without all the wet drops. I liked the drops but found regardless of how many you have they are never quite the way you like them, so I used the 2 renders as layers to blend out and get it to look a little more natural. Also did a bit of spotlight work and of course the text design and watermark.

Anyway I do like how it came out and like this background too, I used the default camera it came with, probably could of used some more work on the lighting but overall happy with it. Just wanted to share since it was meant for here anyway.