Renderosity buys Facebook ad ,to promote Daz

Sad indeed that they won’t spend money to promote their own software & figures. But not surprising given that poser has become a vestigial relic of bygone era subsidized by Daz content sales and old timer nostalgia :smirk:

I’ve seen ads for Poser and Poser content from Renderosity on Facebook. It’s just Facebook’s ad algorithm showing you what they think interests you more.

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Or more likely Bondware exploiting the algorithm to promote their best selling content.

Both Daz studio and Iclone have dedicated pipeline tools to send figures and content to the major 3D programs (Blender), and the game engines…all free.

In 2022 no one outside of the Renderosity forum community is even discussing the various poser figures or the poser application.

It’s not even close to being competitive anymore.

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