Renderosity First Impressions for March 25, 2021

Renderosity First Impressions for March 25, 2021

Ugh. It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning right after I posted the DAZ Studio post this morning. These posts really aren’t reviews (a lot of times I haven’t bought the product yet). They’re more first impressions. So starting today with my Renderosity First Impressions and with tomorrow’s DAZ3D post I’m changing up the names and instead of calling these “New Releases” I’m going to call them “First Impressions”.

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s.

Photo Props: Laser Effect Maker

This is a set of props from ShaaraMuse3D to add realistic laser beams to your scenes.

Whether you’re replicating the Catherine Zeta-Jones scene from Entrapment or you need some lasers shooting out of your sci-fi weapons, these props add the beams and the fog in your scenes. You can create a laser force field or containment cell, or photonic weapon. The choice is endless!

These are the types of products that are useful in many different ways which is why I’m attracted to them. If I can get multiple uses out of a product it increases its value to me.

I bought this.

DZ G8M Primal 6

This is a sexy outfit ensemble from DZheng for G8M.

This outfit consists of two different harness tops, boxer briefs, a corset, and upper and lower arm bands for both arms. Adjustment and movement morphs are included as well as six different material options.

Look, there’s not a lot of vendors out there making clothes for male characters, but DZheng has carved out a definite niche. Most of his clothes are not my style (or the style I want any of my characters in) but I still buy them, and I still support him, because every once in a while he releases something that’s incredibly fantastic. But I admit, 99% of his outfits are impractical and borderline weird.

This outfit is high-brow BDSM lingerie. Which would be perfect if I had a male slave I had captured.

Like I said, I bought. Because DZheng always uses the same color scheme too which makes kitbashing pieces from one set to another all the more easier.


Rings Collection for G8F

This is a set of 12 different rings and a ring-box for G8F from powerage.

Nothing fancy. Just some rings. With 8 different textures for each. Can be worn on the left or right hand and scaled to fit any finger.

Rings and jewelry add subtle enhancement to your scenes and your characters. Whether you subtly want to let the audience know that woman who’s getting hit-on at the bar is married or maybe your beau is proposing to his future wife? Rings and jewelry are often overlooked by artists when dressing a figure and scene.


Mix of Martial Arts Poses

This is a collection of 30 different martial-arts poses (and their mirrors) for G8F, Aiko8, and V8 (180 poses total) from Evans_Studio.

With this, all of your female characters could be Kung-Fu fighting!

Martial arts poses are tough, so I commend the artist for putting this set together. These poses will save me a lot of time as I assemble my scene and for that reason, that’s why it’s going on my wish list.

80’s Arcade Poses - DAZ Studio

This is a set of arcade poses for your male and female characters from 3WCreations.

This pose set caught my eye because it’s specific enough to be useful. Several different PAs create arcade and video game props that you can use in your scenes. Some of those props have poses, but the vast majority of them do not.

This set includes poses for male and female characters inserting coins, playing, watching, and interacting with other figures. Odds are you’re going to need to tweak these poses depending on what prop you’ve got in your scene but you should be tweaking all the poses you use anyway!

And while these poses are for some of the older DAZ character generations (G2M, G2F, V4, M4, Dawn, Dusk) there are scripts and converters that you can use to convert the poses to G3 and G8.


That’s it for today. I have a lot of things I need to do, but I’ll have more first-impressions tomorrow! Until next time, don’t neglect yourself.