Renderosity New Releases for February 4, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for February 4, 2021

SuperHero Impact for M4 Volume 3 – Superhero pose set for Michael 4.

Get On Your Knees-: Poses and expressions for G8F – Various kneeling and “on knees” poses and expressions for G8F.

Sneak – Alternate materials for the Fantasy Thief for Genesis 3 Female(s).

STZ Melomania – Pose set for G8F, V4, and LaFemme with a cigarette prop, headphones, smartphone, and vinyl record.

STZ Small room 4 – Small room set/ environment for Studio and Poser featuring various props and accessories which are complemented by STZ Melomania.

Prae-Nori Hair G8 Daz – Long permed hair for G8F.

Touchable Nori G8 – Alternate materials for the Prae-Nori Hair G8 Daz.

Sweet Poses for Genesis 8 – Pose set of loving and embracing characters for Genesis 8.

Manly Top 1 for Dusk – Knit sweater for Dusk.

Look Outside The Box – Blanket, pillow, lid, and box props for Studio.

Xella for Genesis 8 Female – New young, sf/f, female character for G8F.

7th Ave: dForce Sunkissed for G8F – Alternate materials for the dForce Sunkissed for Genesis 8 Females.

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