Renderosity New Releases for January 24, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for January 24, 2021

Touchable Top Updo – Additional materials for the Top Updo Hair by outoftouch.

Take a Step G8F – Pose set for G8F of various stages of “stepping”. I guess guys don’t take steps anywhere? As with most pose sets for G8F you can use them usually just fine for G8M. This is why I tend to store pose sets like this under Genesis 8 instead of Genesis 8 Female.

InStyle - JMR dForce Holly Underwear for G8F – Additional materials for JMR dForce Holly Underwear for G8F.

Sexy Skinz - Just the Tops Vol 01 – Geoshell-based bra, tube top, and shirt apparel:

Utilizing DAZ’s Geometry Shell feature, this product was designed to be used under dForce clothing, adding a bit of modesty when needed, or can be used as a stand-alone clothing piece.

I guess the PA hasn’t learned that you can layer props with dForce just by changing the offset and collision parameters?

Prohibition Bonnie Outfit Textures for GF8 – Additional materials for the Prohibition Bonnie Outfit for GF8.

Prohibition Bonnie Outfit for GF8 – Two outfits from late 1920s - early 1930s America for G8F.

DZ G8M SkinZ Set 12 – Fancy unitard/ singlet for G8M.

Curvy Body Morphs for G8F Vol 3 – Curvy morphs for G8F. I picked this up yesterday because these morphs look very realistic and are quite subtle. Perfect for making your characters more realistic looking and not the Barbie Doll look that 99% of G8F characters seem to be.

Bodysuit 117 MMKBG3M – A body suit for G3M.

I’m a pretty big fan of DZ sets but not feeling this one to much. I feel like he’s one of the few people who understand that men can wear stuff other than the basic shit we always see.


Indeed. I love him as a designer, but I wish he’d produce more practical attire sometimes. He could do wonders if he made a decent pair of jeans, underwear, undershirt, golf shirt, dress shirt, and blazer. And then maybe some speedos, board shorts, khakis, cargo shorts, and cargo pants.

I would pay twice as much money or more for a decent set of outfits with a ton of material zones that are dforce compatible with a ton of morphs. Literally the same amount of money as I would pay for the garment in real life.

And that’s probably why nobody produces anything like that because once you own something like that you have little incentive to buy anything else.


I love his work, but the fetish wear and strappy bustier one pieces aren’t my favorites. I really do wish he’d pair up with a good texture artist too. They could really makes some of his work shine. I can only use so much leather and fishnet.

I second the desire for more daily wear.

I do have a runtime full of DZ content, and I do end up buying most of it eventually. But as prices are going up I am forced to be a bit more picky.