Renderosity New Releases for January 30, 2021

Renderosity New Releases for January 30, 2021

Apologies for the lateness. My internet has been out this morning.

:dress: Bodysuit 114 MMKBG3M – A bodysuit/ wetsuit for G3M.

:dress: Diverse for Ruffle Top for G8F – Additional materials for the Ruffle Top for Genesis 8 Females.

:house: Waterworld Part 2 – Pontoon-style shack and buildings set/ environment for Studio.

:racehorse: CWRW LAMH: HW Horse and Foal – Additional materials for the HiveWire Horse, HiveWire Foal.

:lion: CWRW LAMH: HW Lion Family – Additional materials for the HiveWire Big Cat, HiveWire Cub, and HiveWire Lion Family.

:dress: Fashion DZ G8M SkinZ Set 12 – Additional materials for the DZ G8M SkinZ Set 12.

:dress: Sunkissed for June Dress – Additional materials for the June Dress by Arryn and Onnel.

:dress: Carnival Style 04 – Bodysuit, gloves, and horned headpiece for G8F.

:briefcase: Morning Commute Briefcase – Poseable briefcase prop.

:blonde_woman: Touchable Ajay – Additional materials for the Ajay Hair by Daz Originals and AprilYSH.

:dress: dForce Backless skirtForG8F – Short, revealing dress for G8F.

:house: Bain Romantique – Additional materials for the STZ Bathroom 2.

:dress: dForce Red Viper Biker Bikini for Genesis 8 Females – Jacket, bra, choker, shorts, and thong for G8F.

:dress: CityWear Venus Blouse G8F – Additional materials for the dForce Venus Blouse for Genesis 8 Females.

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Hmmm…i like the texture expansion Fashion DZ G8M SkinZ Set 12 I just wish the top wasn’t so corsety.

Thanks as always for posting this.

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Can we talk about Men’s hair? Sometimes I wonder about who thinks up the men’s hairstyles. I appreciate everything that comes out for the guys but sometimes the styles just are a little lackluster IMO.

I must be in a bitchy mood today…I apologize lol


I just want men’s hair that is actually men’s hair, not unisex female hair with a woman’s hairline or the bangs combed down so the temples are hidden so Vicky can wear it. I’m not buying stealth female hair just cause they call it male.


I agree. I mean I get that hairstyles can be unisex. But some of them are in fact not that flattering for men at all. And what I am not understanding with mens hair are these ones that are coming out that have random loose hairs flying everywhere that are next to impossible to tame, or styling so atrocious that no person in real life would wear it unless they haven’t showered in 4 days.

It’s like all these men wake up with bed head and have never heard of self grooming. Jesus. Men can be a lot more picky that some of the women I know that’s for sure, so a lot of these styles would drive them mad lol. Like I said…just me being bitchy. I don’t mind strange hair…it just needs to make sense.

And I also wish more hair had an option for “wet” so when swimming/showering/bathing that could be a more viable realistic thing as well and not just a random second hair option you have to pick that doesn’t match anything else.

Ok I’ll get off my soapbox. Maybe I should start a site called the Men of Daz and just feature the guy stuff so there would actually be a focus somewhere online for it. New Products, new characters, I don’t know a little bit of everything.


I’d like a hair style that had different options. Pony, down loose, and wet for example. I also am really into close cut razored sideburns of which there are very few. Not the muttonchop things, but shorter modern looks.

I really also wish they’d release some standards for men’s products for creators. If we must have men’s shorts, men’s jeans and shirt sets, why are they all different quality. Why not make some base forms for people to use, so these things can at least fit.

For men, I’d like more attention paid to the hairline and scalp. It seems to me, that if there was a style guide: Men’s hairstyles must have a hairline etc then we wouldn’t keep getting women’s leftovers or unisex.

I don’t totally have an issue with unisex. I just dislike it when unisex just means make a womans’s short hair, and call it masculine.