ShareCG New Releases for February 20, 2021

ShareCG New Releases for February 20, 2021

I’m going to start posting a selection of ShareCG new releases. ShareCG has both a marketplace for vendors to sell their models, and a freestuff library interspersed. There’s also a lot of crap that gets uploaded to ShareCG too. So I’m not going to post everything, but call out a selection of new for-sale and for-free releases that have been published in the previous few days.

I will try to do this regularly, but with no fixed schedule. Maybe every other day? Maybe once a week? We’ll see.

I appreciate your feedback. Let me know what works for you, and more importantly what doesn’t.

If an item is NOT included here it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean I think it was crap! It doesn’t mean I think it was good either. Under no circumstances should you infer my failure to include an item in these posts to be indicative of anything.

:free: Duane Breyer’s Hilda! — Plus size figure for G8F.

:free: Dripster — Morphing drops for Studio. Can be shaded to make the drops appear to be water, or any other liquid, viscous substance.

:free: Kiara for Genesis — Young, female, European character for G8F. Includes FBM and sample texture.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Cyborg Manufacturing Facility — Substantial sci-fi environment/ set for Studio.

:free: Bobbi Hair G8F — Short, parted hair for G8F.

:free: Business Pullover and Necklace Dawn DS — Top & necklace outfit for HiveWire’s Dawn.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Volkswagen Combi (for DAZ Studio) — VolksWagen minibus for Studio.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Bus AEC London (for DAZ Studio) — London double-decker bus.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Volkswagen Beetle (for DAZ Studio) — VolksWagen bug for Studio.

:free: Cotton Underwear for Genesis 8 Female — Panties and tank top for G8F.

:free: ITF Studio HDRI Pack 01 — Free HDRI lighting set from InTheFlesh.

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Thanks for posting! Love Hilda and the free HDRI!

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make sure you check out mysticartdesign on sharecg - she has incredible freebies, sale-worthy stuff. Hover Glider - DAZ Studio - ShareCG

I have, I do, and I will! But I already went back over a month I had to draw the cut-off somewhere. <3