Site emails landing in Gmail spam

Not due to any kind of IP or mail reputation issue but probably due to SPF and Dmarc verification failing.

Hi. Thank you for the feedback.

It would appear that SPF is working as it should. The IP address referenced in your headers belongs to Google so it would not be authorized to send mail on behalf of our domain.

According to, our SPF records are valid:

And our DMARC records appear to be legitimate as well:

In fact, according to Hardenize, we’re looking pretty good:

I am not sure if the mail provider (bofhllc) is relaying the mails via servers hosted by Google, you probably would have to check with them.

I suggest you also tally the headers received in e-mails sent to other user accounts from this site.

Also can only validate the syntax of the records. I am not sure if it can transitively check all the mail relays involved in the sending chain.

Upon checking the domain at Google Check MX: Check MX and SPF Records. it shows some warnings which might give you a hint regarding this issue.

I temporarily changed my mail address to my yahoo mail account just to double-check and it seems there are no problems in the site’s mail configuration.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you, again, for the feedback.