SP Hair 15 from DAZ


Looks great, really, really good in fact. I’m not buying it. Why? Because its still transmapped hair (when we have fibermesh or even better: strand based or dynamic) and that description is for the birds.

Since when is hair “Cool Toned”? Hair is Blonde, Brunette, Red, etc…I am just over stupidity and half-assedry.

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I’ve moved this topic to the #product-reviews category. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind trans mapped hair. The problem is the past hairs in this line have been scene heavy, and for me, the hairline in the front is a bit high. I also don’t find the style that flattering on the men it is used on in the promos. I will buy it eventually but the 17.95 is the new daz 13.95 and I find that a bit high for the hair.