Spending the 3D Budget elsewhere

Not so much another store, but… on other things. Render Server sub, Substance sub, Photoshop sub…

Why has Daz gone so far afield from what they used to produce? And why is so much of it so unbelievablely craptastic? They used to have a QC problem, now they have a QC nightmare.

I used to spend several hundred dollars during the PC Sale/PA sale…I think I may have spent almost a 100 this year.

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The quality of men’s stuff, with the exception of a few pas seems kind of entry level.

I’ve definitely bought fewer items there, since they no longer seem to care.

I also returned two items recently.

One was a hair by an established PA made for men, that really set high on the character’s head, with no adjustment morphs. The second one was another male hair, that loaded quite simply huge. I mean, super large big hair. Neither of which really had adjustment morphs to tone them down.

I am only buying older stuff these days, most new stuff is very disappointing especially clothes but even props with a couple of exceptions like Strangefate and Rougey who are outstandingly good.

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My grand total for the PC anniversary sale so far is … $1.99 That’s it.

Since I’ve moved over to Poser to work some magic there I only buy older Poser stuff. ForbiddenWhispers and David Brinnen are the only team that still produces newer Poser stuff and lately Fabiana is back to making stuff for Poser so maybe, just maybe Poser has a little pull getting content makers to look at it again. I’m on the beta team for Poser 12. It’s a nice upgrade. Still hate the UI but I’m used to it now.

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I can’t justify spending $130 for the Poser 12 upgrade. If it ever goes on sale I’ll snatch it up but it’s been out now for over a year and there hasn’t been one sale. (Sorry, the “sale” they had a month or so ago where they packaged a bunch of “content” didn’t count. Especially considering I already had the content, and what I didn’t have I wasn’t interested in.)

Glad to see it’s working for you and that the ecosystem isn’t completely dead. There needs to be a “yin” to DAZ’s “yang” for sure.

Now if maybe they had a bridge that would let you move Poser content into and out of Blender easily. :slight_smile:

I have successfully been able to move quite a bit of my old Poser content over to Blender by importing the CR2s into DAZ Studio and then using the DAZ Import scripts that way.

There are very big plans for Poser that I’m not at liberty to talk about but I get you. The DAZ Studio experience frustrated me allot but the bells and whistles, allot of which are sorely missed in Poser but we are working on that as well.

A bridge between Poser and Blender would be a very nice thing!