Street Spider Suit for G8F by Yukatan

Them titties are going to come flying out of that outfit the moment she gets into a fight!


Street Spider Suit for G8F (

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They almost never get the shoulder straps right - they should be taut or theyโ€™re not doing their job.

Maybe her nipples shoot spiderwebs. They just didnโ€™t tell you that part! Iโ€™m more concerned with her getting a UTI with how thin that strap is. Her whispering eye (as I like to call it thank you very much) will just gobble that right up. Who knows that may shoot spiderwebs too. I mean No Doubt wrote a song about walking in spiderwebs. I dunno. Itโ€™s called a Street Spider Suit so I am sticking to that theory.


More fetish fantasy wear for women, by people who donโ€™t wear this crap. Yawn. Just looking at it makes me wonder how the poor girl pees. I guess, that may be part of the fantasy.