The new Rio transgender character

Rio’s not bad. Almost reminds me of OG (original Genesis). But man these past few weeks have been downright pitiful with the releases. I’ve spent more money at DAZ in the past two days than I’ve spent in the past 3 weeks! LOL

I want to resurrect the First Impressions but I’m not sure how I can do them without getting so tired and depressed.

I think what I might do is just provide first-impressions on the stuff that looks interesting. Which may only be 1 or 2 things a day. We’ll see.

One thing to consider, instead of linking each item, link the daz store page, You can discuss the day’s releases broadly and if you find something worth more than a sentence or two, link it specifically. Instead of writing a blog post about each item, just talk about the day’s release quality and if something is worth talking about, give it more words and a link. Critiquing each item is too much work for anyone - especially someone not getting paid to do it.

The daily store post was always a good conversation starter.

For me, I’d rather see the whole thing here on the message board without having to click to your blog - doing so would keep people in the thread to comment. I appreciated the effort you put in each day. I have to admit most days I wondered what kind of masochist you had to be to get up each morning and crit six or seven cookie cutter releases.

Assuming everything is boring but decent and just critting the outliers - the very good or very bad - would be great as far as what I’d like to see goes.

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The only reason I did that is that I didn’t want to clutter up the forum. LOL

Some of the sales have been hard to resist, and a shocking day of three male outfits I might use in my art was a surprise.

Rio is nice the lips are bit vibrantly pink but it’s nice to see a three character in one set. I may pick them up when I can use 8.1 The pride float I do not need, and never used the last one… I can’t make scenes with lots of characters so parades without billboards aren’t going to happen

I did however by that cute little rabbit… I have no excuses pufflet is adorable.


Oh, my take on what you should do is if you are but burned out, comment instead on the highlights. Don’t bother with the endless female figures tell us what you like and don’t.


I like your first impressions and would love to see them in abbreviated form if you’re up to it. I really like the look of Rio and plan to pick them up when I can. I want the bunny but I am just not sure what I would do with it. Maybe I’ll get it when it goes on really, really, really deep discount. In the past week, I have gotten a bunch of old stuff from my wishlist along with a few pc+ items to trigger discounts. That reminds me… I had better test it all out soon. Half the stuff I get comes broken these days.

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