This is what 16 years of DAZ 3D purchases gets you


The addiction is real…

:sob: :sob: :sob:

Thanks! I don’t feel so bad now.

Wow, care to hazard a guess how much you’ve contributed to Daz’s bottom line over the 16 years? :scream:

I don’t need to guess. The Daz Deals plugin for Chrome & Firefox do it for me, and it’s quite depressing. Also doesn’t take into account what I’ve spent at Renderosity, Renderotica, Hivewire (back when they were around), RuntimeDNA, and all the other stores over the years too.



I’m not proud of that. Some people are addicted to drugs and gambling. I’m addicted to OBJ files.

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I saw a few totals posted on the forum and believe it or not there were much larger ones :joy_cat:, I don’t think anyone hit 200K but was one 144K which is what I have to try and live on the next 8 years :scream_cat:. At least we all have useable files though, many addictive things leave one with much less. :+1:t3:

6631 items installed


I have cut back my spending a lot since they stopped the pro-bundle system.

Wow Will! You are a MUCH better deal-finder than I am. I have spent 8 or 9x as much as you for only roughly 2.5x the value.

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That makes me feel much better to be honest! And you’re right, at least we have something to show for our addiction.

I’ve known drug addicts over the years blow as much money as I’ve spent on DAZ and then some with nothing but a broken life and a broken family to show for their addiction. Not to mention all the gamblers.

OMG…and I thought it was just me being crazy and addicted. LOL!!!

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The Daz Deals pluging is really good! Showing you what the price of a product has been over time is really helpful (am I getting a good deal or will it drop lower again).

Oddly I only get these two figures displayed (below) but not ‘Total Spend’ (which might be a good thing. Can’t believe how much I’ve spent on this hobby!)

Full Price Value: $3,631.00 Current Value: $2,958.24

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