Weekly Freebies Review

6 G6 Carrara shaders. Useless. Texture packs for a G5 outfit. Useless. Baby Unicorn Expansion for Poser. Useless.

Again with the offering nothing for free. There might be 8 new things today, but all of them are nothing. In the infamous words of Jayne Cobb: Nothing into Nothing carry the nothing…

In other words, a typical Daz Freebie week.

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I’m actually thinking about putting together a weekly post of freebies I come across and even went so far as to set up some Google alerts to be emailed as soon as new freebies hit the Goog’s database.

Not one email yet this week. :frowning:

Oh well. Maybe if I think about it I’ll check out Rendo and ShareCG to see if anything interesting has been uploaded.

Agreed. DAZ freebies are mostly really old or obscure things.

Sde b uploaded some new shorts for G8m in their freebie section Free Stuff Of The Month – www.SdeBStore.com

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Yeah, This round of freebies were not worth downloading.

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Yeah, that was a YUGE letdown.

i don’t even check the daz freebies anymore. It’s either a texture add on for some old outfit or another bloody bus stop. And they don’t change weekly either, so they should stop calling them “weekly freebies” FFS!!!

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Welcome to the forums, @jakiblue! Glad to see you! I agree with you about the freebies. I wish I had more time so I could scour all the sites in my bookmarks looking for new goodies… :yum:

thanks mjc! :slight_smile: I never remember there are other places with freebies LOL

Sam’s stuff is awesome. Talking about filling a niche.

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