What's new at DAZ3D for January 22, 2021

What’s new at DAZ3D for January 22, 2021

Translucent Fabric Shader – Set of sheer fabric shaders for Iray.

FE Lace Sling Swimsuit for Genesis 8 Females – Swimsuit for G8F.

Heiress Spy Tales III- A Snake in the Grass – Pose set for G8F and G8M.

Resistance Fighter Jet – Star Wars inspired sci-fi fighter jet.

FG Warehouse – A warehouse set/ environment for Studio with props.

Z Pain and Hurt Mix and Match Expressions for Genesis 8.1 Female – Painful and hurt expressions for G8¹F and G8F.

Cassyus Hair for Genesis 8 Females – Swept hair for G8F and G8¹F.

Dove HD for Genesis 8 Female – Oh look, another new character for G8F and G8¹F. :roll_eyes:

dForce Phenom Lingerie Textures – Additional materials for dForce Phenom Lingerie for Genesis 8.1 Females.

Without looking at the link I was going to say you need to airquote the ‘new’ in ‘new character for G8F…’ but Dove looks distinct - probably the freckles. However, I know your beef is that Daz is overly focused on the female models. Their problem is that they don’t correct for the exponent. Their customers prefer females 75% of the time. Their artists have the same ratio. So Daz produces female models 92% of the time. I pulled the numbers out of the air, but the exponential analysis should be accurate. I’m pretty sure their market research team is 10% of one employee’s time.

I’m wishlisting Dove for now.

The swept back hair is a copy of a shave side flop and there are already 3-4 of those out there. I wore the same hairstyle at prom, so It makes an impression when I see it and I’ve seen it several times.

I have little use for swimsuits. If you’re going to objectify a person as a pinup, why go halfway. Just go nude. (okay if you need a pinup for a PG audience…)

The warehouse is too clean and the shapes are all perfect, which is bad. Looks like a bob the builder set.

Sadly, unhappily even, I will, at some point, need to collect 8.1 expressions. Grr. Not today, though. Wishlisted for now.

Sci fi props, I do have a need for these but not at that price.

The lingerie textures look good- seams at the edges of the fabric give it a big boost in my eyes. Buying. Now I have to rethink Dove. Wishlist or buy…TBD

The store needs to market men more. IF you want to sell to men, you need to produce items people who want to render men, will want to buy. And it isn’t more boobies.

I get that the female market and female figure is what people want at DAZ, but if they have legit interest in entering the videogame market, they do need to be able to produce realistic male figures, with realistic clothing, preferable for combat games and such.

Sure, hot chix will always sell, but military stuff if done well, would sell too. But men at daz store are still wearing tights, womens shirts, and women’s scalps. They need to hire some artists to produce stuff that can be marketed more broadly. Not just to DAZ store base. But they won’t. Its all a cash grab, so they just keep producing the same stuff, and throwing a bone now and then to those who like male content.

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My beef is that 99% of the female characters they release look exactly the same.

I don’t have an issue with female characters. I have a metric fuck-ton more female characters in my Library than I do male models. I just prefer characters that look interesting. And not something that somebody spent 30 minutes in Zbrush and basic merchant resources for textures.

Characters like Mable, Oda May, the old Asian lady (can’t remember her name). There are some PAs that I will buy and snap up everything they create because the characters look unique and interesting.

I have the same issue. In my 500+ character library I have perhaps 20 that I like to use. I have a few other’s I’ll use as background characters, but 90% of them are one of four characters as far as I can tell. It might only be 3. How does daz let so many ‘artists’ add higher cheekbones and skinier chins, add a skin builder texture and call it a new model?

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I’d love to see a post on your fav characters and what you like about them. I’m still relatively new to DAZ & 3D modeling so any direction as to what are good models worth a purchase would be great.

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I totally agree with you there, MJC! Sabby with all of her projects with other PA’s and Fred Winkler is among the greatest “sinners” there. Just fix another lip-stick and change the color of the hair. Then they give the same female model a new name. Many of the DAZ PA:s are into this “recycling” of their models. They have a standard template, they rarely change. At first when Mousso came around I felt it as a fresh breeze. I was super happy when Mousso started to make male models that really looked original and interesting. Now that vendor is on the exact same track, copying the first with small changes. In fact most of the PA’s are copying themselves, with small exceptions to the rule.