Which style of outfit/prop/etc you want see in our shop?

just feel free write your ideas, and i will share with the vendors :slight_smile: all wishes and demand welcome. or the opposite: what do you dont want to see?

I render mainly contemporary and sci-fi scenes, usually with men, so I’m always on the look out for scifi or contemporary related props and environments. Especially interior scenes.

Clothing wise I’m not necessarily looking for anything too futuristic, but definitely clothing that’s practical and created with dForce in mind.

Been on a huge cyberpunk kick lately so original cyberpunk clothes, anatomy/geografts (not genitals).

I was very put off by Genesis 9 when it first came out thinking that I’m going to have to buy all new stuff to go with it but there’s enough converters out now where that honestly hasn’t been a problem and Genesis 9 has awakened something unexpected in me too. I’ve been rendering a TON of non-binary/ androgynous/ gender-fluid/ transgender characters as a result of the unimesh base. It’s opened up a whole bunch of creative opportunities.

So maybe more androgynous and gender fluid clothing, too? :wink:

we have some outfits what you want :smiley: (i don`t link, because i dont want advertise, can send the links private, if you want). great! (as far as i know, all of Gen9 outfits in our shop supports male and females too :))

We lack of Environments yet, wondered which style you search, your answer narrowing to cyberpunk :slight_smile:

I like fantasy & contemporary goth/punk. I focus primarily on female models and have more than enough G8 stuff. Special effects using geoshells and attachments and unique outfits with plenty of material zones are usually must buys for me. I don’t like characters that are so specialized that I will only use them once and outfits where the entire outfit is one zone so I have to remap everything if I want to change say the top and bottom of the outfit.

You can find examples of my work on DA (NSFW separated): https://www.deviantart.com/hexdrake

Sadly our G8 Clothing part is very low (and it will not grow up much, because our clothing maker vendors do outfits mostly for G9), but in our quality standard taking care of enough surface zones, it’s important.

We are also a big fan of customizing, all of our shader packs are chose able as free gifts (if you buy over 10 USD, u can choose one item as a gift, if you order over 25, you can choose 3 products as a gift from our gift pool) (all of our shaders are in gift pool :))

We very soon release a super cool fantasy item, very excited about it :slight_smile: (i think it will be support for g8 and g9 too)

Thank you! (also we have a goth grunge punk product waiting for the release, but it’s for g9. I know about the converter, which converts forward (g8 to g9), I wonder exists a product, that converts backward outfits? (for g9 to g8)