DAZ3D March Madness for March 20, 2021

DAZ3D March Madness for March 20, 2021

Today’s promo is “Tangled Hair, Don’t Care”.

First up is a merchant resource bundle from AuraBianca that seamlessly removes the nose, bridge, and philtrum from either G8F or G8M.

Since it’s a merchant resource, PAs can use these morphs and re-distribute them or incorporate them into their own new creature or stylized alien characters. You can easily create your own Voldermort figure for your own Harry Potter renders!

I’ve added these to the wishlist. These could be useful.

Next up is a cyberpunk/ dystopian outfit for G8F from Demian.

It features a ripped tank-top, ripped daisy dukes, a bullet belt draped across her chest, combat helmet, glasses, lit cigarette, arm warmers, leg warmers, boots, bra, necklace, and tights.

Tank Girl eat your heart out! I’m buying! These are some cool digs.

Next up is an alternate materials texture pack for the cyberpunk/ dystopian outfit released above from Demian.

Passing. That’s why I buy all these Iray shader packs. So I can re-texture my outfits myself. :slight_smile:

Next up is a dyn-o-mite black male character, hair, and clothing set from Matari3D.

Hop on-board the Soul Train because this set includes afro hair, side burns, beard, shirt, pants, shoes, earring, nosering, and piercings. Genital maps are not listed.


Next up is a young, European, female, child for G8.1F from Nirvana and RareStone.

This realistic and unique tween character is the perfect daughter to add to your growing 3D family. She definitely doesn’t look like a supermodel that’s just been scaled down like a lot of other child characters that sometimes get released. The character takes full-advantage of the new G8.1F features and facial rigging.

The set includes the full body morph and textures, age appropriate makeup options, hair (with movement and adjustment morphs).

I’m passing on this release. But only because I don’t render children. But this looks like a very good release.

Next up we’ve got some swamp scenery and environments from TangoAlpha.

Includes props, environment, and accessories for creating your perfect swamp environment for your renders. Let me know if you find Amos Moses among the brush in your renders. He was last spotted about 45 miles southeast of Thibodaux, Louisiana!

I’m picking this up. You can never have enough sets and scenery for your renders. :wink:

Next up is a home study for that teleworker or college student in your Runtime from Fugazi1968, [Ironman](Fugazi1968 Ironman PAN Studios), and PAN Studios.

Includes a room with a window, a wide assortment of props and accessories, laptop, desks, and much more.

I’m picking this up. Fugazi does a good job. And at least this room has a door, unlike some of the other releases in the recent past!

Next up is a G8.1F merchant resource from Deepsea. This complements the G8.1M merchant resource released on March 18th.

Includes textures for cis and trans genitals, as well as “powerful micro skin details”. It uses the new PBR Shader for G8.1.

If you’re thinking of creating your own characters, you probably want this.

Passing. But only because I don’t create my own custom characters (yet).

Next up is a set of expressions and poses for G8.1M and Torment from 3D Sugar.

25 hierarchical full-body poses for both G8.1M and Torment (so they include the tail). Includes poses of the figure lounging around, standing, model poses, handling orbs of mystic energy, and at least 24 separate facial expressions of various emotions.

Passing. For now. I’ll wait until it’s heavily discounted. I have more than enough expressions and the poses aren’t unique enough for me.

Next up is a morph pack of alternative shapes for Torment from AliveSheCried.

This pack includes an additional 12 head and/or body morphs for Torment to add variety to your renders.

Passing. I never buy these packs. I can just dial-in part of the hundreds of characters I already have, or the myriad of morph dials thar are installed to achieve similar looks.

Next up is another set of poses for Torment and G8.1M from Ensary.

Includes 20 full-body and hierarchical poses for G8.1M and/ or Torment fighting and being a demon.

Maybe. And that’s a huge maybe. A lot of the poses are unique. But they’re very specific to this one figure, and that’s the only reason I’m on the fence here. Wishlist for later!

Last we have a set of HD gunshot wounds for G8M (and G8.1M) from Esid and FenixPhoenix.

Includes morphs for wound entry and exit for a huge assortment of body parts and muscles/ muscle groups as well as Iray geoshell, and LIE materials to add blood and other wounded flesh artifacts.

Hell yes I’m buying this! Do you know how hard it is to add realistic gunshot wounds to your figures after the fact? LOL! I only hope the artist releases a version for G8F as well (god I can’t believe I just said that!)

That’s it for this morning. I hope you’ve found this useful! As always, please let me know your thoughts and your feedback. The good, the bad, and especially the ugly!

Until next time, please be kind to one another. And to yourself!